Hillary Clinton ‘outstanding:’ Kissinger
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Hillary Clinton ‘outstanding:’ Kissinger

by Mark Silva

They don’t call Henry Kissinger a seasoned diplomat for nothing.

Kissinger in New Delhi.jpg

The former secretary of state and veteran of Republican administrations said today that Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, under consideration for secretary of state in the administration of Democratic President-elect Barack Obama, would make “an outstanding appointment” and display “great courage” on Obama’s part.

Voice of America’s correspondent in New Delhi, Steve Herman, has the word on the Nobel Peace Prize-winner’s remarks (and the photo of Kissinger as well) at the World Economic Forum at the Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi. “To appoint a very strong personality with an independent constituency into a Cabinet position requires a lot of courage,” Kissinger told his audience there.

If Clinton is appointed, Kissinger said, she would have to become a subordinate to a former rival – a “symbol of a new approach.”

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