Obama’s confidence-rating: High, steady
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Obama’s confidence-rating: High, steady

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The Swamp

by Mark Silva

Perhaps it is the alacrity with which President-elect Barack Obama has set about assembling a Cabinet and army of advisers – an economic team named this week, defense coming next week.

Or perhaps it is the expertise of the nominees – with a “towering” economic team that includes the six-foot-seven Paul Volcker, and a national security team that is expected to center around Marine Gen. James Jones as national security adviser and Defense Secretary Robert Gates as a temporary holdover.

But public confidence in Obama’s “ability to be a good president” has held steady in the weeks since Election Day – 65 percent in the latest measure of the Gallup Poll, which has taken on daily tracking of public confidence in the economy (extremely low) and confidence in the president-elect (very high).

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