Michelle Obama, The New Princess Di
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Michelle Obama, The New Princess Di

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President Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, have taken the stage in Europe.  While the G-20 Summit frames the visit by the American President, Michelle Obama has become an iconic presence.  Like Princess Diana of Great Britain, Mrs. Obama is known for her compassion, style, charisma – and her high  profile marriage.

The public stage of 2009 is as broad as the planet, with the play being broadcast around the globe in real time.  Every now and then, unpredictably and without forethought, a person rises from the ashes of world despair to bring fresh optimism and hope.  Princess Diana was one such world figure.  Michelle Obama is that public figure of the early 21st Century.

President Obama is engaged is some of the most serious issues facing this generation.   Even with this backdrop, the First Lady often eclipses the President in the evening news.  The President and First Lady met with the Queen of England two days ago – The news carried some of the President’s visit, but focused on the First Lady.  In an unusual parting from royal protocol, the Queen put her arm around the Mrs. Obama, and Mrs. Obama returned the gesture.  No one is supposed to touch the Queen (thankfully a rather strange idea for most of us Americans). When the gesture was challenged by the desperate media, the Queen intervened to report the gesture was simply one of affection – with no disrespect by either party.

Michelle Obama went on to visit a girl’s school in London, giving an emotionally charged appeal to the young ladies to have faith in themselves.  Mrs. Obama focused on two issues – Education for girls, and healthy relationships with men.  While the leaders of the twenty most powerful economic powers were meeting, each granting his/her own press conference, Mrs. Obama captured the world media stage.

Like Princess Diana, First Lady Michelle Obama has captured the imagination, the hopes and dreams, and the energy of a generation.  Her power to permanently influence the lives of others is indisputable.  Like Princess Diana her power does not come from her office; her power comes from grace, humility, charm, intelligence, perseverance, hard work, education, and marrying well.

I added the marrying well as a last thought.  Michelle Obama would be so powerful on any stage, with or without a husband.

We can only imagine what Michelle Obama’s future holds.

The hoopla aver Mrs Obama gained some attention by Jon Stewart:

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And here is Arianna Huffington on Mrs. Obama:

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  1. “Their Plans! – Stock Market Crash – WW3 – The Coffins, the FEMA Camps, the Flu, the Food Codex, The Energy/Food Crisis”

    However, there is a much bigger picture here.

    If I were to tell you that the Obamanation is all part of a perfect plan to perfect creation, would you believe me?

    Seek another reality of truth for this is what will set you free from this “perception of evil.”

    The truth is not out there, its within.

    My website, the title “Family Resources” above is a link to endless possibilities.

  2. With regard to the “marrying well” statement: it is a sure sign that Michelle is all of the other things because she married well.

    Women have a duty to themselves and their children to marry well. She is a good woman, with a strong sense of duty, and the intelligence to know what to do to “marry well”

  3. In re: Alecia’s comment
    I take offense at your implication that the only way a woman can succeed is through marriage. When a woman marries someone, she is not automatically gifted with intelligence, charm, humility, &c. And a woman can still be the epitome of grace without being married to someone.

    Moreover, “marrying well” has a myriad of meanings. In Princess Di’s case, she happened to marry into a royal family that was going to be in the spotlight regardless of the character of its members. She “married well,” in that she fulfilled a common young girl’s dream in marrying a prince, but the fact that the marriage was having irreconcilable problems should speak as to its health.

    In contrast, when Michelle married Barack, there was no way of knowing for certain that he would eventually become president. Rather, their hard work towards a common goal turned the opportunity into a reality, and to say retroactively that Michelle “married well” diminishes her contribution to the effort.

    And when you consider how often Michelle dominates the stage, perhaps you could even say it was Barack who “married well.”

  4. Seriously?! Di had more class in her pinkie than …
    This woman hates America! She is as much of an embarrassment as Barry. The story states “their hard work towards a common goal turned the opportunity into a reality” – yeah, their reality is called SOCIALISM! She should stick to working in the garden! Dare we mention that the Princess died in a car crash?! Hmmm …

  5. “…their reality is called SOCIALISM!”

    You wouldn’t know what socialism was if it ran over you in a truck. The embarrassment is simple minded rubes like you.

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