Obama Apologies – Appropriate? Or Not?
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Obama Apologies – Appropriate? Or Not?

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Does President Obama apologize unnecessarily for America?   President Obama faces the world with legitimate humility, humbled by the embarrassment of the past administration.  President Obama is working hard to remove the plank from our own eye before trying to remove the splinter from adversaries.   We live in a harsh and brutal world, a world of terror, oppression, poverty, and war.  The United States of America has always been a beacon of hope for humanity – never perfect – but always striving for ‘a more perfect union.’  The very act of apologizing, of admiting wrong behavior, is the first step in civilized progress.

Is America infallible?  Are American Presidents infallible?  When a wrong is done to others – should not the perpetrator humbly offer an apology?  Is there something inherently wrong with humility?  Does Pride serve any country better than humility?

The demon of Pride has caused much more grief than humility in the history of humanity.  Clear statements by President Obama about the change of course in American foreign and domestic policy show the strength of confidence – strong enough to admit wrong, strong enough to let go of Pride, confident enough to change directions.

Many have criticized the President for being apologetic for America.  The false pride of arrogance over humility has never served anyone well.  Pride does not serve America well.

If an American war plane shoots a smart bomb at a specific target, and as a result innocent civilians are killed, should there be an apology?  Say these words out loud, “It is just collateral damage, a natural consequence of war.”  How did that feel?  Now say these words out loud, “We deeply regret the civilian casualties resulting from our conflict with terrorists.  We recognize collateral damage as a probability in war, but we are always saddened at this reality. ”  How did that feel?

We Americans should never be so proud that we cannot admit our role in world tragedies.

Another curiosity in this whole matter is the attitude of Christian Conservatives.  It seems to this writer that Christianity is anything but prideful.

Mitt Romney criticises Obama for ‘sweet talk:’

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Brave New World advertises this video saying, “It will piss you off.” Perhaps, but the pill is easier to swallow with a spoonful of humility:

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