Obama To Appoint Tina Fey To Supreme Court
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Obama To Appoint Tina Fey To Supreme Court

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Have you ever actually read a Supreme Court ruling?  Those stuffy old people are really boring.  Most of us don’t get what they are talking about – so we are left to our politicians to interpret for us.  That will no longer be the case when Obama appoints Tina Fey to the Supreme Court.

Even with Justice Fey writing the majority opinion we might not completely understand the content – but at least we could get a good laugh now and then.  Might it be plausible that some attorneys might fight harder to get their case to the Supreme Court if Justice Fey were  sitting at the bench?  It certainly would – those cases would get much more press.

Justice Fey might give us a list of the top cases she hopes to hear:

1.  Ladies in America

2.  Photo shoots of Celebrities

3.  What constitutes middle age in women?

4.  What legally constitutes weight gain in women celebrities?

5.  Is taking advice from Oprah legal?

6.  Should women candidates for President be given a ‘handicap’ like in golf or bowling?

7.  Should old people be banned from running for President?

8.  Do bitches really get things done?

9.  Is ‘bitch’ the new ‘Black’?

Check her out for yourself:

Is Tina Fey sending a subliminal message – that she one day hopes to wear a the black  robe of a Supreme Court Justice?

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