Birther Bullstuff, Obama, Trump
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Birther Bullstuff, Obama, Trump

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Donald Trump with Meridith Vieira – This episode is a tragedy of American Journalism. Vieira let Trump ramble around without challenge. NBC should step up, as a network that claims professional journalism, and correct this travesty of justice. It is a travesty because millions of people get their world view from the NBC Today Show – and that requires responsible reporting. Meridith Vieria is out of her league. As much as I do not care for Bill O’Reilly on FOX I have to give him credit for not allowing Trump to bulldoze on the issue of President Obama’s birth. That discussion occurs at about 2:30 in the video:

A more complete history of the nonsensical rumor that President Obama is not an American citizen can be found at

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  1. The word is that Trump the barker had taken out hundreds of millions of dollars in loans for business and then used them to live a lavish lifestyle including purchasing women from eastern europe for his sleasy ways.

    He then filed for bankruptcy and shafted all his creditors by hiding his funds out of reach of the bankruptcy courts and IRS. Then after the Bankruptcy was settled, he restarted his businesses and started sneakling back his stolen funds from foreign accounts. So he has stolen several hundreds of millions of dollars from creditors and also hundreds of millions in taxes from the IRS( essentially stealing from everyday hardworking americans) to live a lavish lifestyle. He said he will release all his financial records and tax records once the president releases his birth certificate..

    …..your move trump the barker…release your financial records and prove once and for all that you are a sleazy money grubbing thief!!!

    If Trump the barker is not a thief and a tax cheat…why does he refuse to release his financial and tax records?

    Why does he keep on spending millions on lawyers and accountants fighting to keep his financial and tax crimes a secret from the good hard working American public that he has stolen from?

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