Drop Secret Service Protection, Arm The Candidates
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Drop Secret Service Protection, Arm The Candidates

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FOX News is making a big toot about a recent law that bans protesting within a certain distance from anyone who is protected by the Secret Service.  FOX is proud to note that “Obama signed the Law” – as if the President acts alone in passing laws.  The Republican House passed the law.  The Democratic Senate passed the law.  Obama signed it.  But FOX would have us believe this is another left wing conspiracy to deny freedom of speech.

Check out the report:

If congress would seek advice from  FOX, Judge Napolitano, and the National Rifle Association they might come up with some more practical solutions to the security of President Obama and Candidate Romney.

Perhaps we should require any politician who reaches national prominence to take a standard 21 hour NRA approved firearms course and then they can protect themselves.  There is surely money in the GSA budget to custom fit holsters for deserving candidates.  Conceal and carry would apply, of course.

We could have avoided the whole prostitution scandal in Columbia last week by simply arming the President.  Not to be completely foolish here – we recommend the same training for all Presidential aids traveling with him.  And not to be completely cheap – congress should buy the necessary handguns for said aids.  After all – these people travel to other countries to represent us – we want them to be safe.

Secretary of State Clinton would probably opt for a 380.  The 380 is palm size and would easily be concealed in a variety of places in Clinton’s pantsuits.  Doe anyone think that Hillary would hesitate in defending herself against terrorists like Ken Starr?

President Obama often removes his suit jacket before launching himself on a podium.  His trim figure would be well complimented by stylish waistband holsters.  (He would probably go with black). Mitt Romney, in keeping with his attempts at being a regular Texas Republican, would probably choose the Rio Bravo 640 – with two guns to further demonstrate how tough he really is.

David Axelrod would be better served by a shoulder holster.  He rarely takes his jacket off, for obvious reasons.


I suspect the ratings for televised Presidential debates would soar.

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  1. I gotta say that I think you might be on to something here. I don’t like having all these folks deputized with pistols at the ready all the time – makes me feel right uneasy. But the president is the Commander in Chief, he should at least get him a little six shooter or something.


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