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Oh Lord Won’t You Give Me?

I loved and love Janis Joplin. I like the song she sang, Mercedes Benz, because it reminds me of a Church I attended with a friend when I was about 16. It was located in South St. Joseph. There was a neon sign outside proclaiming PENTECOSTAL SOMETHING OR OTHER CHURCH. A bright white two story […]

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Germans and Gents….

Another song from childhood: Ladies and gentlemen, Germans and gents, Cross-eyed mosquitoes and bowlegged ants, I come before you because I am not behind you to tell you something I know nothing of. One bright day in the middle of the night two dead boys got up to fight back to back they faced each […]

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A Horse, A Flea, And Three Blind Mice

I learned this song as a child, taught it to my children and some grandchildren. A horse and a flea and the three blind mice were sitting on a tombstone rolling dice, the horse fell down and landed on the flea, oops said the flea there’s a horse on me. Boom Boom aint it great […]

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McCartney on Colbert

There is nothing we can add to this other than to say how much we appreciate Comedy Central allowing us to embed this video.  

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American Idol: Dump Randy Jackson, Jamie Foxx as Judge

American Idol has transitioned a few times in the past ten years – often with improvements in the judging.  The most notable failure of inspiration is the retaining of Randy Jackson as a Judge.  Randy talks too much and never says much.  Jackson is worthless as a judge.  Clearly, Randy Jackson feels inferior to the […]

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Elvis Presley – Amazing Grace (Videos)

Truly amazing, we were graced with Elvis. Elvis Presley came into my life through Ed Sullivan. The Sunday evening custom in our home was chocolate cupcakes with white icing while we watched Ed Sullivan. My older brothers and I could not sit still on the old wood floor – while my mother and father wondered […]

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Nashville 2010: The Day the Music Died

A long, long time ago… I can still remember How that music used to make me smile. And I knew if I had my chance That I could make those people dance And, maybe, they’d be happy for a while. I don’t have cable.  My family does not value the television enough to pay that […]

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Dancing With The Stars – 2010 Fall Season Recommendations is officially one site that can make recommendations on major entertainment and political personnel.  Here is our recommendation for the 2010 Dancing with the Stars roster. Dancing With The Stars is an entertaining program.  People from other professions – generally known at least in pop culture if not for professional achievement, are asked to […]

4May2010 | | 92 comments | Continued
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Crystal Bowersox is a Redneck

Does that title sound insulting?  It does if you buy into the Jeff Foxworthy definition of a Redneck.  Crystal Bowersox is in the final five on American Idol.  She has mesmerized the judges and home audiences for however long this season has been on.  But Crystal is a Redneck. We at come from a […]

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Reflecting On The Music Of My Mother

I was fumbling around on youtube this morning and found this Patsy Cline rendition of Tennessee Waltz.    My mother introduced me to this song.  She was not trying to – this was one of the songs she sang while wringing out the laundry in her wringer wash machine.   Hearing Patsy Cline sing this old song […]

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American Idol Behind the Scenes

This link takes American Idol fans to a “Share Widget” One can copy this widget to your favorite web site. Enjoy

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Everything American Idol – 2010

Hyperlink to a vast array of information about American Idol. We offer this service merely as a convenience to web surfers. Enjoy.

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Dancing with the Stars Tribute to Patrick Swayze

This is a nice tribute to a great dance.  Dancing With The Stars put this tribute together – it is well done. This aired on the evening program of September 23, 2009. Patrick may not have won an Oscar – but he certainly impacted the world of movies, music, and dance.  Others have tried to […]

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Michael Jackson, Legendary Hero or Villian

Michael Jackson is dead at age 50.  Already the hype has taken over the airways.  Even in death Jackson continues to shock the sensibilities of the entire populace, fans and foes.  Farrah Faucett died today at age 62 – no offense intended but Farrah has been bumped off the news cycle.  Michael Jackson was as […]

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Memories – Streisand, Paige, and Boyle

‘Memories,’ one of those great songs that demands great artistry.  Recognized artists like Barbara Streisand and Elaine Page do justice to this song – but how about Susan Boyle.  Page is the artist Susan Boyle claimed as her goal in artistic performance. Which rendition do you prefer. For my money – no one beats Streisand […]

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Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan – an Unusual Duo

We have images of people.  We have images of singers.  We have images of music genre.  Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan are two images that contrast in my mind.  The curiosity of a County Star singing with an anti-war legend struck me as worthy of comment. After some reflection – the only approach that seemed […]

15May2009 | | Comments Off on Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan – an Unusual Duo | Continued
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Three Dog Night Youtube videos

When I was a young man – long, long, ago – when I was interested in pop culture – long, long, ago – before I realized man had been around for a long time – there was Three Dog Night.  Today is a day for music reflection – and we shall begin with these favorites: […]

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Finding a Voice With Music

Dad, I am one of those lovers of music that has no musical background. I wasn’t in band in high school; I never sang in a choir, I never even managed a successful stretch of lessons that allowed me to learn an instrument. I toyed with the idea of learning the violin, but I am […]

21Apr2009 | | Comments Off on Finding a Voice With Music | Continued
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Paper Roses – Marie Osmond, Loretta Lynn, Anita Bryant

Here is a wonderful song sung by three very popular singers.  You can judge for yourself which is best. I have a favorite and am curious about reader’s (listener’s) choices:

20Apr2009 | | Comments Off on Paper Roses – Marie Osmond, Loretta Lynn, Anita Bryant | Continued
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Kevin Spacey Impersonations

Every now and then a real talent comes along. Kevin Spacey is one such talent. Check out this video where Spacey spontaneously impersonates Jimmy Stewart, Johnny Carson, Katherine Hepburn, Clint Eastwood and several others… This guy has phenomenal powers of observation – and is able to translate his observations into superb acting. But Spacey is […]

12Apr2009 | | Comments Off on Kevin Spacey Impersonations | Continued
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Bobby McFerrin

Check this out.  The classical singer Bobby McFerrin with some classical interpretations. McFerrin is to music what Jim Carey is to comedy. No, wait, that discredits McFerrin – he is incomparable. Here is Ave Maria, all voice with no instrumental accompaniment – a fascinating expose by a true master. The theater is in the round. […]

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Beyonce – “At Last” – along with Etta James

Beyonce demonstrated her great talent, a beautiful voice, with her rendition of “At Last” at the Presidential Inaugural Ball for Barack and Michelle Obama. It seems Etta James, the original recording artist of this great song, felt slighted and took offense at the Beyonce interpretation. Here they are – you decide for yourself which rendition is most appropriate for the occasion.

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Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly, a real American talent. True Love Ways: Live in 1958: The day the music died: And here is Don McClean singing American Pie:

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Music of the Night – Videos

Andrew Lloyd Weber describes “The Music of the Night” as the most sexual song he has ever written. My take on the music is that it is the most sexual song I have ever heard. Here are three renditions, ordered from least to best – and they are all good. We begin with David Cook, then Josh Grobin, and conclude with Gerard Butler.

23Jan2009 | | 2 comments | Continued
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George Winston – Contemporary Piano Master

George Winston is arguably the greatest piano virtuoso of our time.  Winston plays a particular type of music – often referred to as “New Age” music.  “New Age” conjures images of incense, beads, and meditation – but don’t be distracted by the labels.  Listen to his music and judge for yourself. This writer is biased […]

13Nov2008 | | Comments Off on George Winston – Contemporary Piano Master | Continued
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I Believe – a Tribute to Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops

Levi Stubbs died today. He was 72. The lead Singer of the Four Tops, one of Motown’s greatest. We remember those days – those days when Motown lifted all of us to a higher understanding of music.

17Oct2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Counting Crows – Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby

Dad, I still love the Counting Crows and their music. I have been listening to this song, Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby, about once a day for a month now, and trying to figure out what all of the imagery is about. I think that it is about a guy (the singer, Adam Duritz I guess) who […]

19Sep2007 | | 1 comment | Continued